Here at Food Joy we think our local meal kit program rocks! But you don’t have to take our word for it….

Alyson and Rachel from Lewiston say: “We LOVED our CSA/meal kit hybrid experience! As longtime vegetarians, this was an extremely convenient and responsible way to experiment with meat. ”

Peggy from new Auburn says: “I did not expect the variety of recipes, and I loved that! My intent was to have a share of fresh local vegetables, but this went way beyond that! “

Mia from north Auburn says: “Loved all the different greens and salad dressings.  I never made my own dressing before and they are so simple and SO good!”

Brenda from Lewiston says: “I wanted to participate in a CSA where I knew what to do with the produce, some of which I’ve never used before.”

Shana from Lewiston says: “It was a wonderful opportunity for my partner and I to spend time together cooking, as I do most of the cooking by myself usually. We had such a good time sitting down and eating together too – there’s definitely a sense of pride that comes out of this type of cooking. I also LOVED celebrating the local ingredients.”

Deanna from Turner describes Food Joy as: “A local alternative to Blue Apron.”

Dina from New Gloucester says: “We have done a CSA but it would get to be too much to keep up with… didn’t know what to do with some things we got.  Ended up wasting some. I like that this was a kit and I knew exactly how to use everything.”

Leelaine from Lewiston says Food Joy’s meal kit enabled her and her family to: “Maintain our commitment to use healthy, locally-produced food.”

Bethany from Lewiston says Food Joy’s Meal Kit is a: “Healthy, easy and local alternative to one of the national food delivery services. A cool concept.”