Food Joy is a Maine-based 501(c)(3) social enterprise dedicated to creating a vibrant and joyful atmosphere surrounding nourishment, food culture, and eating. We empower Maine families with tools, skills and ingredients that make cooking endeavors both successful and fun.

It is our belief that this ritual of cooking, eating together around a table, and civil conversation not only sows the seeds of physical and emotional health, but also enables families and communities to foster the trust, generosity, and communication skills that are the foundation of a balanced life of joy and contribution to the world; ultimately, playing a profound role in healing our society on a broad, holistic scale.

Vision. Food Joy envisions a thriving and joyful food culture in Maine (and beyond,) where the cultural norm is a broad-based understanding of where food comes from, a solid knowledge of how to cook and prepare whole foods in healthful and enjoyable ways, and daily rituals surrounding food are fun, inclusive, and aid in fostering of the connections between family members and communities.

Philosophy. Food culture is an important institution through which to promote family values, ensure good health, preserve local heritage, and stimulate local economies. Whether through gardening, or preparing, cooking, and eating food together as a family and/or with friends, food culture is an important part of creating a vibrant, physically and emotionally healthy generation. In order for kids and families to implement healthy food culture traditions, they must be fun, tasty, convenient, affordable, and accessible – not just for the gourmet elite but for everyone, including those who have never gardened or cooked regularly before. Food culture should be welcoming, joyful, and inclusive. This is the cultural and social challenge that Food Joy aims to chip away at.