Karen_BolducKaren Bolduc, BA, MSFS (Master of Science in Sustainable Food Systems), is the Director at Food Joy. Karen is very passionate about healing the planet and the human condition, and specifically the healing that occurs through food – both in larger agricultural and community settings, and at the dinner table. Besides directing Food Joy, Karen works to shape the greater Lewiston Auburn and Maine food systems through various volunteer opportunities. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, all things food, eating, being outdoors, snowboarding, rose gardening, the dictionary, learning about wine regions, dreaming up solutions to problems, spending time with family and friends, fixing mechanical things, and dirt. She and her husband John live with their two beautiful babies, Elovie, 3 and Rhiordan, 2, on the farm in Auburn.

Heather Lee Rose, named after two flowers and raised by her grandfather’s stories of farmland in Portugal, has always been encouraged to connect with the land creatively. She’s turned yards into gardens, studied permaculture and herbalism, and served as an apprentice immersed in organic methods. Equally at home in a greenhouse or leading a farm tour, Heather is passionate about combating food insecurity and expanding knowledge about local food sources. Honored to serve these efforts and bring the vision of her namesake to the land, Heather looks forward to bringing fresh good Food and an abundance of Joy to her community with us this season!

Ellen Shrader, MS, RD, LD, is a Clinical Dietitian for Sodexo at Central Maine Medical Center. She graduated from the University of Maine at Orono with a Master’s degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition, and also completed the Dietetic Internship program. Ellen grew up in Lewiston-Auburn, and is a dedicated community servant in the twin cities. She has volunteered at St. Mary’s Nutrition Center, working with Lewiston Farmers’ Markets and the Lots to Gardens youth program, as well as serving on the Good Food Council of Lewiston Auburn. Ellen lends her dietetic expertise to Food Joy as a consulting dietician, reviewing the weekly menus for nutrition and balance.

Donovan Wilson trained at the Orlando campus of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts before working his way up to sous chef at several esteemed Nantucket restaurants. Donovan has a passion for locally grown food and his career focus centers around advancing and sustaining local food systems. He is currently a butcher at Farmer’s Gate Market in Wales, Maine, and lends Food Joy his expert culinary insights as a consulting chef reviewing Food Joy’s weekly menus for flavor and feasibility.




johnJohn Bolduc, General Contractor, Ultimate Builders, Lewiston, ME.  Caring deeply about both good food and sustainability, John Bolduc is a founding board member of Food Joy and is committed to the mission of bringing good food to the people of Maine. In particular he finds a need for families to have an awareness of what good food is, and how to prepare it, as a strong foundation to life. John also pitches in around South Auburn Organic wherever he can, loading compost, building chicken coops, and never letting one tomato get left on the vine!



Sarah_HetzlerSarah DeBlock, Chemical Engineer, ExxonMobil Houston TX. Sarah DeBlock grew up in the small northern New Jersey town of Sparta. She went to Northwestern University where she majored in Chemical Engineering and participated in the Institute for Sustainability and Energy classes. While at school she obtained experience working at Ford Motor Company, GE Energy (in Auburn, ME, where she became acquainted with Food Joy,) and ExxonMobil. Sarah is very passionate about how energy sources as well as agriculture can become more sustainable through technology and process changes to better serve the needs of people. She currently works at ExxonMobil as a flare specialist engineer where she is helping to optimize the flare systems and reduce plant emissions. Sarah’s hobbies include yoga, tennis, painting, cooking, and baking.

Chris Martel, Brewing assistant, Baxter Brewing Company, Lewiston, ME. As a local food advocate and former Food Joy culinary CSA shareholder, Chris has unique insight into what works best to get shareholders cooking and eating together around the dinner table. He is passionate about craft beer and brewing, is committed to home composting, and lives in Auburn with his wife Erikka and 2 daughters, Aurora and Lilyanna.



Meghan_QuinnMeghan Quinn, Event Coordinator, Maine Farmland Trust, Belfast, ME; MS in Sustainable Food Systems, Green Mountain College, Poultney, VT. Meghan’s passion for food and local sourcing mirrors what she perceives to be a pervasive trend statewide in Maine, and this theme has become a strong part of the direction in which Meghan hopes to move her career. With a background as a teacher as well as many years in the restaurant industry, she hopes to be able to contribute to Maine’s sustainable food culture by taking classroom teaching experience to a less traditional setting and developing educational programs for children and their families based in sustainable food systems. Meghan believes that creating and maintaining a symbiotic relationship between farms, schools and the communities they serve is an important element of keeping Maine sustainable for generations to come. Meghan is also Chair of the Portland Food Council in Portland, ME.