Food Joy is a Maine-based 501(c)(3) social enterprise dedicated to creating a vibrant and joyful atmosphere surrounding nourishment, food culture, and eating. We empower Maine families with tools, skills and ingredients that make cooking endeavors both successful and fun.

It is our belief that this ritual of cooking, eating together around a table, and civil conversation not only sows the seeds of physical and emotional health, but also enables families and communities to foster the trust, generosity, and communication skills that are the foundation of a balanced life of joy and contribution to the world; ultimately, playing a profound role in healing our society on a broad, holistic scale.

Organic Compost

We’ve got the black gold, folks. Gorgeous, fine and mid-grade screened compost products at the most reasonable prices on the market, with discounts for public schools, community gardens, charitable organizations, and certified organic farms! Pick it up yourself and save a few bucks or have us deliver to your doorstep.