Karen_BolducKaren Bolduc is the Director at Food Joy. Karen is very passionate about healing the planet and the human condition, and specifically the healing that occurs through food – both in larger agricultural and community settings, and at the dinner table. Besides her work at Food Joy, Karen is also currently serving as chair on the Good Food Council of Lewiston Auburn, as well as pursuing a Master’s degree in Sustainable Food Systems. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, all things food, being outdoors, snowboarding, meditating, eating, the dictionary, learning about wine regions, dreaming up solutions to problems, spending time with family and friends, fixing mechanical things, and dirt. She and her husband John live with their two beautiful babies, Elovie, 2 and Rhiordan, 1, on the farm in Auburn.

Julia Harper is an Androscoggin County native that has become increasingly fascinated by the root-cause connection between the health of the food system and the health of the individual and community, and is committed to working toward solutions, such as those offered by Food Joy. She has a background in different food system sectors such as farming, food service, education, and waste management. In addition to Food Joy, she also is employed as the Coordinator of the Good Food Council of Lewiston-Auburn. She is a member-owner in the RAISE-Op Housing Cooperative and lives there with her husband, Craig, and two cats named after Lewiston streets: Maple & Blake.

Katie Lawson began farming in 2011 as a volunteer through World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Originally thinking that it would be a cheap way to travel the West Coast, she quickly fell in love with the agricultural lifestyle. After farming in Oregon, Georgia, Maine, and Utah, she has settled back in Maine for the foreseeable future. In addition to Food Joy, she works at a farmers’ cooperative in Auburn, where she cultivates several varieties of culinary mushrooms, tends to the fruit trees, and assists with vegetable production.


Board of Directors

johnJohn Bolduc, General Contractor, Ultimate Builders, Lewiston, ME. As someone who shared his wife’s passion for food and sustainability, John Bolduc, husband of executive director Karen Bolduc, is a founding board member of Food Joy and cares deeply about the mission of bringing good food to the people of Maine. In particular he finds a need for families to have an awareness of what good food is, and how to prepare it, as a strong foundation to life. John pitches in around the farm wherever he can, and is the resident compost loader and building project foreman extraordinaire!



Sarah_HetzlerSarah Hetzler, Chem Engineering Student, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. Sarah Hetzler grew up in the small northern New Jersey town of Sparta. Currently, she is a student at Northwestern University majoring in Chemical Engineering and working towards the ISEN certificate (Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern University). Over the last few years she has obtained experience working at Ford Motor Company, GE Energy, and ExxonMobil. Sarah is very passionate about how energy sources as well as agriculture can become more sustainable through technology and process changes to better serve the needs of people. Her hope with engineering is to be able to positively affect the changes that are going to occur in these sectors and help bring nutritious and safer food to society. Beyond working, Sarah’s hobbies include yoga, tennis, painting, cooking, and baking.

Meghan_QuinnMeghan Quinn, Event Coordinator, Maine Farmland Trust, Belfast, ME; MS in Sustainable Food Systems, Green Mountain College, Poultney, VT. Meghan’s passion for food and local sourcing mirrors what she perceives to be a pervasive trend statewide in Maine, and this theme has become a strong part of the direction in which Meghan hopes to move her career. With a background as a teacher as well as many years in the restaurant industry, she hopes to be able to contribute to Maine’s sustainable food culture by taking classroom teaching experience to a less traditional setting and developing educational programs for children and their families based in sustainable food systems. Meghan believes that creating and maintaining a symbiotic relationship between farms, schools and the communities they serve is an important element of keeping Maine sustainable for generations to come. Meghan is also a member of the Food Security subcommittee of the Mayor’s Initiative for a Healthy and Sustainable Food System in Portland.